Should You Smoke An Electronic Cigarette?

Back in the day, I really though smoking an electronic cigarette was tacky. Maybe it’s because of e-cigs looked. They looked like fake tobacco cigarettes and there little doubt I would be smoking fake smoke too I smoked them. But my friend changed my mind about smoking e-cigs. It helped that the e he smoked looked more like a mini hookah pipe than anything else. I thought it was cool that he’s smoking a mini hookah, although he insists he’s “vaping”, not smoking. Whatever.

Anyway, if you’re curious about these creatures, you should get them. A starter kit consisting of an e liquid, battery pack and some cartridges typically does not cost more than £60 to £70 per month. Replacement cartridges, meanwhile, cost less than £10. What I like about e-cigs is that you can smoke flavors, not just the standard tobacco and menthol. You can also smoke fruit and spice flavors.

My personal favorite is raspberry. Another thing that I like about electronic cigarettes is that since you’re not burning any tobacco, you won’t smell bad at all. If you’re wondering about the nicotine, the cartridges actually come in different strengths of nicotine – strong, standard, and light.